Respite services are for those who are normally providing care to a loved one at home. Respite services can give you a break and provide you with the opportunity to attend to other tasks and activities on your own, safe in the knowledge that your loved one is being well cared for.

Respite care is an important strategy for maintaining the health and well being of both primary carers and care recipients. Respite services provide the care recipient with enjoyable activities that are appropriate for their age. These services may be provided at home or may involve community outings.

Respite services may be planned for regular intervals or may be provided in response to an emergency or crisis situation. Respite services are designed to meet individual needs and may include care over night, weekdays, weekends, or holidays.
In providing respite services EHC will assist by

Providing the primary carer with a break from their care responsibilities
Provide care ranging from home help to personal care services which may include
High needs care for those with varying disabilities, including intellectual, cognitive or physical disability
Support for care recipients who have challenging behaviours
Social support
Activities such as outing to the theatre, weddings, sporting events etc.